VIOLET, a webseries. Pilot Episode

It has been a really really long time since I posted anything on this site. That's sad to me, but, it is what it is. I've been working hard in film, specifically in the live action industry. I haven't had much in the way of drawings to really put up on this site. But I have been working on my craft, specifically, in STORY.

Since I graduated Sheridan, I've been working on a story with my brother. It will be a webseries and I'm putting up the "beta-test" first episode.

We are in the process of writing the entire series, after which we'll shoot it. My goal is to have it done and posted by the end of this year.

Like I said, this was a beta test. The first episode to the show will be different, but this certainly gives you a taste of what we're going for. It's different, and I hope you enjoy it.

VIOLET Episode 01 - A Story About A Girl from Club of Chosen Ones on Vimeo.


Club of Chosen Ones is something I've started with my brother. It's our little playground, an umbrella under which we post our little videos and stories and skits we shoot. I've linked our youtube channel. Everything is in it's early phase, but a journey of a thousand miles....


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