Once I committed to getting the whole thing done in 3D, I dived in quickly. I did up the character, created the environments, and before I went any further than that, I did up 2 major shot tests. I switched to 3D because I needed to know if I could accomplish the look and the feel and the sense of life that I envisioned, in the 3D medium. If I wasn't able to, then I would just stick with 2D and make it work... some how... so here is the character design, and then two shot tests. The MAIN PURPOSE of these tests was to determine STYLE, MOOD, FEEL. .

Earthshine_3D_Shot Test 01 from Manu Prasad Gopinath on Vimeo.

Earthshine_3D_Shot Test 02 from Manu Prasad Gopinath on Vimeo.

By the second shot test, I knew that not only could I do it, but I could achieve a much better result with 3D. The main difference was that I had to do a TON of compositing in After Effects... something I would teach myself over the next few months and would become the backbone of my film.



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