Once the Storyboard Reels were done, I got to creating the final BG's right away. I was certain the whole time that the entire film was going to be traditional. I would end up changing my mind completely. It took me quite some time to do up these backgrounds... I still hadn't really figured out how I was going to pull off the chalk stairs, but I had spent so much time thinking and thinking and exhausting my brain with the story process, that I just wanted to spend some time doing straightforward art... which is where these backgrounds came from...

They are a combination of oil pastel, pencil crayons, and some digital touch ups. I really really enjoyed doing them but once I cut them into the animatic and looked at them with some test animations in front of it, truth be told, it repulsed me...The whole thing felt lifeless, dull, disappointing... Didn't really seem to be something a 4th year animation student should be pulling off.

So I decided to ditch the 2D completely, and figure out a way to do the film in 3D but somehow still capture the mood, feeling, and texture that I wanted to accomplish. At the time it seemed like the time I spent on these BG's was a complete waste... but I saved them anyways as a memento of the process. Luckily though, I DID end up using them in the final composites of the scenes to help add texture to the skies and ground... so.. time well wasted I would say :)



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