This stage had to be one of the best moments of this process, guaranteed! With the help of many great people in the studio, and out, I came up with this storyboard reel, which I stuck to very closely for the final film!!!!

It felt fantastic to have a story that I felt invested in enough, and committed enough to realize fully.... I had a ton of fun doing the storyboards in Photoshop and I it saved me a ton of time in the long run as I could avoid doing Color Keys and Tonals because I had already made those decisions at this stage. Furthermore, I really really did my best to get the composition and layout the way I wanted it because it meant a lot less thinking when I moved onto the 3D process.

Plan Ahead... and Panic Early.. as they say!

Earthshine_Storyboard_Reel_Oct 2012 from Manu Prasad Gopinath on Vimeo.

I'd have to say a special thanks to Maury Whyte and Kanako Iwata... a professor and a peer from my year.. their insights were specifically integral to me getting to this stage!



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