Once I got back to Sheridan after the summer, I showed my peers the different storyboard reels I had done.... everything from Mars to the random stuff I had tried. Surprisingly, they all opted for Mars. Everyone felt it was more original, and they said it was more "me".... which was true. I had much more emotional investment and attachment to the Mars story. So from there, I revisited the idea and started reboarding... approaching the story from different angles... here are two slightly varied iterations of the story.

Earthshine_Storyboard_Reel_002 from Manu Gopinath on Vimeo.

Earthshine_Storyboard_Reel_003 from Manu Gopinath on Vimeo.

I can say that after 4.5 months of creative hell with the other ideas, I think I felt good again. It felt really good to be exploring an idea I had such a natural curiosity with and it just grew from there...



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