Once I knew I could get the look and feel I wanted through the 3D process, I started working through the animation process. I redid the opening Act inside the cave. Across the board, what happened inside the cave in the Storyboard Reel always confused the audience to some extent... So I spent about a week rethinking it, restaging it, and animating that. The result was infinitely better. It was more clear, and was a much better product. I realized that once I took the beats I had created, to a very detailed extent actually in the Storyboard Reel, took much more time on screen than I had planned for. What I mean is, the feeling that I was trying to evoke, and that worked in Still Images, did not work as well in motion. I needed more time on screen. So the film got longer as I gave the character more time on screen to act out the scene and the beat as I envisioned it should feel. The length of the film jumped from 3:00 to 4:30.

Initially, when I finished the entire animation side of things, I was ok with this. I was happy just to have a fully animated film. But I was totally blind to the fact that something was amiss with the film. While the film had gotten longer and was more understandable, it had also lost something, some life or spark that was present in the Storyboard reel. It took a couple weeks but eventually, a close friend in the studio offered to help me re-edit the film. He believed the problem with the film wasn't a story problem, but an editing problem. I do believe he was atleast half right. He cut the film down from 4:30 to 2:45. That is a dramatic cut. He obviously only left in scenes and moments that he felt were absolutely necessary. I took his cuts home and went through them and brought the film back up to 3:15. But that was much closer to the storyboard reel's initial length of 3:00 than the 4:30 that I had. So all in all, the repacing effort did the trick and I felt I had a tight, concise, professional product, and I was ready to start lighting and rendering. Here are the two videos, the first one is my full 4:30 film cut and then a nicely repaced 3:15 cut. The 3:15 ended up being the final cut and a SPECIAL THANKS to Bram Cayne for that!

You can check out his crazy awesome stuff here:

Earthshine_3D_Animatic_01 from Manu Prasad Gopinath on Vimeo.

Earthshine_3D_Animatic_02 from Manu Prasad Gopinath on Vimeo.



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