For the past little while, all I have been working on is my Thesis Film @ Sheridan... I finished it a couple weeks ago and I wanted to put some stuff up as a look into the process I took while doing the film... so here goes.

I suppose I will start with what I started... which was... RESEARCH? (lame)

 I knew from the very beginning, (Jan 2012) that I wanted to do a film about space...the initial iteration of the story involved a boy and his father on Mars... sorta trapped.. or stranded... or exiled... I am not quite sure... but with that premise, I started looking everywhere for inspiration on style and story....

There was a ton of stuff; some of these are screencaps from videos.. and some are single pictures from massive albums... I started early because I really wanted to take my time and relish the exploration process.. and... even then it still wasn't enough time but it certainly was a ton of fun... and definitely worthwhile...


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