a Struggle

OK.. so I started this painting way ole back when we were in first semester of third year (Oct 15ish, 2011)... The whole concept is a visualization of an idea my buddy has for a tattoo that he has been wanting to get for a while. I needed to finish it for November... well.. that definitely did not happen. The detail et al got progressively more larger than life and I had to put it aside for school work etc... anyways.. I have finally finished it.. and not by choice either... There are still many things I would love to touch up and modify... but we are kicked out of the studio now so yeah, the painting is forced to close its doors. interestingly though, the painting took so long to complete that you can see variations in my style... anyways... I AM immensely proud of it for the moment... now onto something bigger, and hopefully better things...

PS. If you scroll down, you can watch a video of how I built it up!



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