This has been the source of immense wonder, frustration, happiness, disappointment, more frustration, and finally, bittersweet pride. I really really enjoyed this project. We had to do an animation and had the opportunity to design the whole world. I really wanted to run with the total freedom they gave us. In many ways, I treated the project as a testing ground for 4th year films, just to get an idea of what would and would not work. I took some risks but I learned a TON of stuff along the way. First off, I animated completely in flash, and that was AWESOME. It made the animation process incredibly fun, for the first time in my Sheridan career. I learned that you must start animating early because to do it right actually takes a lot of time.... why did I not realize this in second year Lol..... I learned to NOT extend the animation no matter what, unless you get a deadline extension! I learned that I must do a full scene mock up early, before I start animating perhaps, just to know if the style you wish to achieve actually looks the way you see it in your head. There are several things I feel I would do differently a second time around, like anyone, but it is what it is and its a good bunch of lessons for next year. Special note: super glad I was able to use a ton of Oil Pastels that I had lying around for the colors and environments and stuff. All in all, it gets my SUPER SYCKED for next year. All comments are welcome!. . Manu


  1. absolutely LOVE the look! if there is any comment I could make..would be that the boat didnt look so much like a boat to me.XD but other then that..Great experiment!

  2. thanks alot elaine! Lol you're too right. some people thought it was a banana! LOL


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