Action Analysis Concepts Pt. I

For this Action Analysis assignment for school, we have to do a 6 second animation; we gotta design the character, the environment, and animate it, take it all the way to color and composite. A truly great assignment. This here was how I comped all the concepts I did together. My idea was that if I were to give all these pages to someone, they could get a good idea how the final look was going to be. I even designed these templates to sort of unify the whole thing....It was a lot of fun... BUT, standing here now, there are some things I have definitely learned. First, its really important to do a scene mock up really early to know if what you design and see in your head will really work out the way you want and hope, on screen. The second is to stick to the plan and see it through without extending it or adding more to your workload. Definitely a valuable lesson for next year. Another note on the whole templates thing. While I had a ton of fun doing it, and I am proud of it, I don't think I would ever do it to this extent again. Since then, I have learned that it is wiser, and better to do a simple template design, that lets the artwork speak for itself. In other words, don't create pretty wrapping because it may give the sense that you are concealing a less than high quality product inside. So yes... many good lessons learned on this project. Hope to have the final animation up here soon! Enjoy.


  1. Incredible! love the gritty-ness of this art direction! awesome job Manu! :D


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