Group Film Stuff

SO....what's been wicked about the group film experience so far is that I've been able to do a ton of layout explorations... and of a subway station specifically... whats cool about all this is that its allowed me to explore something I wouldn't naturally here's some stuff thus far!!!



  1. The ink environments are fantastic! Keep it up and see you at life drawing!

  2. AMAZING work Manu! I love the silhouettes of the subway! Can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  3. thanks alot alex!!! i gotta keep working at the ink!! so much fun!!! i'll try some marker techniques you showed me!!!

    thanks naomi! you too... pebble city definitely has my attention!

  4. Amazing! I remember seeing this stuff awhile ago..all the different shapes and the silhouettes are so cool!


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