Cuz I'm a COWBOY Baaaaby.....

please tell me you've heard that Kid Rock song before...... anyways... waaay old news.

So for this, I wanted to do a cowboy, jus fo fun... and art should be fun.. right? Well.. either way... this was way interesting cuz I wanted to fudge around with a more simple, graphic style. I was really inspired by some of the more simplistic graphic approach by another artist Christina Cardozo (who is yet to put up a blog, but I will force her..) and also some of the color splotch effects from 101 Dalmations. I did not capture the essence of the styles, but then again, I was just layin it down and keepin those things in mind. I wasn't too stressed out about style.. the whole thing just flowed... it was kind of a beautiful thing. Anyways.. here is the final... quite different from the last post lol



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