Zoo 2011

SO... it was the zoo trip today. it was nice. the weather was mediocre.. but hey, it meant the zoo was less crowded, which is a worthy tradeoff. either way, i enjoyed it alot.

I spent 80% of my time with the Siberian Tigers, specifically, Vitali (4 years old) and Tatiana (17 years old)... they're held in separate pens... don't let Vitali's age fool you, he is MASSIVE. I'd say atleast 350 lbs.. i've heard siberians grow upto 500 lbs, which is ridiculous. either way... here is the better page of sketches i did... pencil, pen, and watercolors....


PS. these are nowhere near where i want to be... i'd like to have something more characterized, more stylistic.. either that or hyperrealistic lol.. but i think it's a step in the right direction!
comments welcome!


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