Temple Painting

OK...the painting that took way too long but was still entirely worth it.

SOOO.. this painting has taken me ages...but it has been totally worth it..i've learned a ton doing this...I also worked it in photoshop so thats quite new to me, having done only one other serious digital painting in my life...so this is huge for me...

I'm proud because I realized my vision for the door, which was the only thing i could see in my head...it was a huge epiphany when I figured out how to render it...

there are obviously many things I would change, which you can notice halfway into the painting...but it's important to let it go and move on... none the less....painting is awesome and fun and if you are not doing it...you need to get yourself checked!!!



  1. Very cool man, love the depth of this.

  2. I like the rendering on the gold thing very much!And the thumbnail looks lovely as well=D

    Keep it up=D Must work on digital painting too>O


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