..speed paintings

Update: I have sort of gotten sick of the way I draw. It is too illustrative.. so as of tomorrow, I'm gonna try and change it up. I want to have a realistic style, with really strong structure and tone. So that's the direction I'm heading in. Very Exciting.

As for these, some speed paintings, just to figure out how speed paintings work, haven't really done any before (I know, it's sad).

The first one is done from a picture, with the sole purpose of seeing how well I could copy color without having to use the eyedropper tool. It's actually a lot of fun, I Loved It.

The second one is one I did tonight of my hand... again, seems illustrative, but I just wanted to explore some colors...failed attempt I'd say. I think I'll try again with Oils and see how that works out.

All critiques are welcome!



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