... Hall Tonal...

First, before you see the image, credit for this tonal MUST be given to Dan Sprogis. He actually sat with me and helped me arrive at this tonal which definitely helped highlight the main focus for the piece.. so Thanks Dan! what a stand up guy!

I didn't end up accomplishing what I wanted to with the final painting... which sits in an area called the "corner of shame" in my room. but I learnt a lot doing this piece.

ie. keep it simple stupid! but a fun piece none the less!



  1. really nice work manu... i think this is my fav from you so far.. i know you feel its too cluttered but i actually love it like this

  2. Maybe darken the ceiling and lighten up the foreground in some areas but much better man, good work.

  3. thanks khoi! and good point dan, I hope to revisit it someday and redo it! we'll see how that turns out.. if it turns out lol


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