... Egypt has left the Building...

OK.. so this officially concludes my egyptian phase. I am wrapped up the painting.. I am happy with some things.. i am unhappy with the body of the rocket.. i had a lot of detail i wanted to include but not enough time. oh well.. next time. but I'd really like to push myself with the next painting too... hope you guys like this... all comments are welcome!



  1. epic painting !!all ur hard work has paid off lol looks much better in person tho, a shame!
    Also, ur new journal header is so cute haha i'm in the process of renovating my blog.. considering dumping the whole thing n just starting fresh under a new account :/ neways..

  2. im glad you like it. painting it was fun, and temporarily satisfying lol.. onto the next assignment i suppose...

    as for your blog, with your sense of design, im sure you'll have no prob with the renovations lol

  3. looks great man, the rocket is my fav, really nice light dark contrast.. and you're not done your egypt phase yet, still have that character to animate

  4. MANU! i haven't gotten any of your updates on my blogger dashboard so i didn't see any of your work over the summer for some reason! i just went through it all and i'm glad to see you did A LOT:)

    this painting is amazing, i said it to you in person and i'll say it again, its amazing!!!! i absolutely love the little tiny details of the buildings below, it seriously blew me away! i cant wait to see your next painting!

  5. thanks Seema!!! im doing a solo version of our secret handshake in response :)

  6. Now that's awesome!! I saw the sketches for it but the final looks terrific. Job well done and thanks for the comment.


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