...a source of happiness, and incredible FRUSTRATION

SO... I went down to Boston and New Hampshire and other parts of the US this summer. They have been amazing, I love the US. I took this picture while we were in New Hampshire with the specific intention of painting it. NOW.. let me tell you.. it was a nightmare... and a dream come true. I really wanted to try doing water, and play around with that. I did it in Oil, on Canvas, and it was incredibly rewarding at the end... but obviously, that High lasts only a day or two... so off to the next painting.

I attached two versions.... both are of the same painting... but taken at different times in the day... the second one has truer colors, but the left one captures the detail and texture better..for the life of me, I couldnt take one picture that captured both effectively.... the solution? Learn to take proper photographs! lol



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