Discipline with Discipline

SO, I just finished reading Jurassic Park recently. I know, I'm more than two decades late. But still, it was not only worth it, but it was FAR better than the movie. Anyways, there is this really cool passage which I thought I would share with you all. It is truly inspiring and a piece of literary art in itself.

"...'I will tell you what I'm talking about,' he said. 'Most kinds of power require a substantial sacrifice by whoever wants the power. There is an apprenticeship, a discipline lasting many years. Whatever kind of power you want. President of the company. Black Belt in Karate. Spiritual Guru. Whatever it is you seek, you have to put in the time, the practice, the effort. You must give up a lot to get it. It has to be very important to you. And once you have attained it, it is your power. It can't be given away: it resides in you. It is literally the result of your discipline.'
'Now, what is interesting about this porcess is that, by the time someone has acquired the ability to kill with his bare hands, he has also matured to the point where he won't use it unwisely. So that kind of power has a built-in control. The discipline of getting the power changes you so that you won't abuse it.'
'But scientific power is like inherited wealth: attained without discipline. You read what others have done, and you take the next step. You can do it very young. You can make progress very fast. There is no discipline lasting many decades. There is no mastery: old scientists are ignored. There is no humility before nature. There is only a get-rich quick, make-a-name-for-yourself-fast philosophy. Cheat, lie, falsify- it doesn't matter. Not to you, or to your colleagues. No one will criticize you. No one has any standards. They are all trying to do the same thing: to do something big, and do it fast.' ..."

It actually goes on, but i felt that was the best part. ABSOLUTELY reccommend this book.

see ya next time...

le. ROI


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