Spotlight -----> Esad Ribic & Clayton Crain

In the interest of doing some art appreciation, I've decided to say a few words about Esad Ribic and Clayton Crain.

Both have very different styles, but are guaranteed to give you a good bang for your buck.

Esad Ribic is a painter from Croatia. He works mostly on comic books for Marvel. He uses a more traditional style of painting and mostly uses Gouache for his work. His story telling uses simple square panels but it definitely allows the artwork to speak for itself. When you read some of the books he's worked on, you're just bedazzled. The artwork sets the mood perfectly and because he uses a traditional style of painting, it feels very natural and very real. Notable reads: SubMariner - the Depths.

Clayton Crain is an american born artist who's work is generally digitally painted. Since he does he drawing and coloring all digitally, it does allow him some freedom to play around with photoshop effects such as morphing the panel size and working in other filters such as blur etc etc. His work, though digital, is phenomenal. Many complain that digitally painted work doesn't feel natural and organic. Be that as it may, his work is still a pleasure to read because Crain DEFINITLEY has an ability to story tell. Notable Reads: X-Force 1 - 21.

I've got links to both artist's personal sites on the right side. Be sure to check em out!!!

le. Roi


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