...welcome to Pandora... Population: Angry Natives

SO..... on Thursday night... I caught the Midnight Screening of Avatar. Now... I'm just gonna come out and say it. I LOVE this movie. Yeah.. the base story is similar to many you've heard before... it even parallels Pocahontas.
Outsider discovers a people he thinks he understands, but upon further exploration and understanding of their ways, finds himself torn between his own world and the wonder, beauty, marvel, and simplicity of this new world.

That's all fine, and James Cameron even admits it. But the real charm of the movie comes in its visuals.

Seriously, Cameron has pushed this medium forward. The movie does not attempt to be the screenplay of the year. It's not Crash; get over it.

But it is such a kick ass visual experience. You are drawn into a brand new world. you are given a wonderful glimpse into how everyday life progresses in this world. And then you are given a bad ass glimpse on how to tear this world apart.

You can easily predict how the story turns out, but the real charm of the movie and attraction, is seeing how the assumed plot line unfolds in this COMPLETELY new and lush environment.

James Cameron gets another Hit. He has his idea, he tells everyone EXACTLY how he wants it to look, and then he packages it to you in marvellous 3D.

If you don't want to miss out on the ultimate piece of Silver Screen Eye Candy, and just don't want to be Lame... GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Why? Simply because with the ticket that you buy, you vote for more kick ass movies like this to be made.

So...go watch AVATAR, enjoy the beauty of Pandora, and all hail JAMES CAMERON.



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