Tendency towards Complexity

.... and like that, Reading Week is over. I'm reading this kick ass book right now called Shantaram. It's the biographical account of a man who got into some CRAZY adventures to say the least. Anyways, I'm truly enjoying the book. There is this one part in the book where he speaks to this old man who he really respects; ironically, this guy happens to be a Mafia Don. ANYWAYS, I just thought this passage was quite a good thought, and a unique perspective....take it for what it's worth... enjoy

p.s. more art to come soon!!!

Excerpt from "Shantaram"

...'The universe began fifteen billion years ago, in almost absolute simplicity, and its been getting more and more complex ever since. This movement from the simple to the complex is built into the web and weave of the universe and it’s called the tendency towards complexity. We’re the products of this complexification, and so are the birds, the bees, and the trees, and stars, and even the galaxies of stars. And if we were to get wiped out in a cosmic explosion, like an asteroid impact or something, some other expression of our level of our complexity would emerge, because that’s what the universe does. And this is likely to be going on all over the universe.
The final or ultimate complexity – the place where all this complexity is going – is what, or who, we might call God. And anything that promotes, enhances, or accelerates this movement toward God is good. Anything that inhibits, impedes, or prevents it is evil. And if we want to know if something is good or evil – something like war and killing and smuggling guns to mujaheddin guerrillas, for example – then we ask the questions: What if everyone did this thing? Would that help us, in this bit of the universe, to get there, or would it hold us back? And then we have a pretty good idea whether it’s good or evil. What’s more important, we know why it’s good or evil...'


  1. this deep...I gotta read it now. some nice stuff on here dude.


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