Le Poisson de Resistance

Ah Yes....the penultimate piece in my huge phase of Killer Whales...... did you know Killer Whales are actually Dolphins? They are known as killer whales because, essentially, they are Whale Killers..... you all can thank me later for that interesting little tidbit...

anyways...here is the product of a sleepless night, over 24 hours of straight drawing....and an intense desire to see this thing move.......enjoy

P.S. The technical term for Killer Whale is Orca...which ironically means Black Fish from Hell or Demon Fish from Hell....go figure..lol

Le Roi


  1. Hey man, thanks for the comment on my dragon, I appreciate it. I also appreciate your sending the Orca back in space then bringing it forward, it must have taken some extra time...nicely done. Nice point about the dolphins, not many people actually know that lol.


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