Raine Maida visits Sheridan

..so...Raine Maida was a guest speaker @ sheridan today in Connextion @ around 12 noon. A little background for you people; Raine Maida is the frontman of Canadian Rock band Our Lady Peace....they've been in my top 5 bands since like grade 8....anyways...he came to sheridan to speak to us...which is pretty damn cool....he said alotta things....but i'll just let you guys know about a few certain things which I thought were cool mentioning....

A) the Future does seem like Doom & Gloom....but we ARE the Hope, and we ARE the Future.
B) Art; it speaks for itself. Keep it pure, for as long as you can.
C) Talk is Cheap.
D) Doing ANYTHING, is still better than doing Nothing (on the subject of charity work)
E) Never lose your "FUCK YOU" Attitude.

So yeah, some things that definitley resonated with me in these Paranoid Times.

Peace, Love, and Happyness to all...


  1. I cant believe i missed this :(
    it sounds like you had a pretty amazing time tho!


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