Hands & Feet

Okay...its been a crazy week; but the good news is that Reading Week is here......a wonderful week off from school when you can do all the school related stuff!!! Some hand and foot drawings.... can you guess which ones were super rushed?

le Roi


  1. Im no technical artist, but I've always thought that someone who can master the human form, especially the hands and feet (along with facial features) is truly a talented artist. Amazing stuff dude, something I could never do.

  2. Hello,

    I'm currently thinking of applying sheridan for animation and i kinda have some questions i would like to ask to a sheridan student. I'm actually from portugal and so i would be applying as an international student.

    I saw your name and although i know america has a lot of immigrants i thought why not give it a try xD!

    Would you be willing to chat with me or maybe exchange some emails?

    I'm not going to take much of your time... i know youve got a lot to do! lucky :D!

    If you agree here is my email:


    Guilherme Pereira


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